Friday, April 20, 2012

0 Ultimate Blog Party 2012! Almost over!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

So this is my last minute attempt to join the Ultimate Blog Party 2012!  I have attended two UBParties in the past.  As a guest and as a sponsor.  =)  This year I am just a guest, hence my last minute entry!  I don't share too much about my personal life on here, but here's what I will give you!

My name is Dana, and I have a wonderful husband and two very beautiful daughters!  I love to blog about movies, and I am a licensed nail technician.  I'll be opening my own nail salon soon.  I have a lot of friends, and I love them all.  I enjoy cars, and shiny things.  ; )  Before I took on my nail tech career I did graphic design.  I even gave away some prizes during a past UBP.  So, maybe I'll meet some friends and get some new followers in the last few minutes of the party!