Tuesday, May 26, 2009

4 Cell Phone Cozy From Fancy Ferris!

During the It's in the Bag Bash at Etsy It Up, I entered to win a cell phone cozy from Fancy Ferris. There were 414 entries/comments on the giveaway and I won!!! I was so excited because I am always just taking quick trips to the corner store, and going to area festivities where I don't want to lug everything. So now I have this super cute cell phone cozy, which also holds my debit cards, license, and cash, if I have it on me! I do however have a 21 month old and a baby on the way, so the majority of the time I am carrying my huge bag! BUT.....in a huge bag full of stuff, I lose my cell phone constantly in there! With my cell phone in the cozy, I can hook it onto my bag or even just throw it in there and it will be much easier to find! So....thank you Etsy It Up for hosting that giveaway, and a special thank you to Fancy Ferris for offering the prize!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations; I am so jealous :-); I really wanted to win that cutie; guess I'll have to buy one. It looks just perfect for that quick, little trip.

missknits said...

congrats! what a cute cell phone cozy! love her shop!

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kimert said...

I'm hopping over here from the Blog-A-Thon at MomDot! :)

Jo said...

Congrats! That is so cute!!

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