Friday, December 18, 2009

3 HP TouchSmart 600 Desktop with Windows 7 – GIVEAWAY

Pink & Posh is giving away an HP Touchsmart 600 Desktop with Windows 7! I would love to win this for sure! My computer is a fossil, and not to mention....a hand-me-down. UGH! I am a graphic designer who hardly has any room on her computer for her program. It would be great not to worry about my computer crashing during a big design! Head on over to Pink & Posh to enter for your chance to win!!! There are numerous bloggers giving away this great computer. Pink & Posh is one. Here are the others:

How Beautiful Is This!!!???


Pam Hoffman said...

Thanks for the info!

We replaced my computer fairly recently, my boyfriend is still struggling with his old machine...

I hear him sighing over there even now.

I'll be trying for this system to give to him.

I appreciate the info!

Pam Hoffman

Lily Bean Designs said...

Can you imagine winning this! I hope I win one! I need it so bad. =) Good luck to you too!

Pam Hoffman said...

Winning this would be the bomb! (do they still say that? ;)

Go for it!

Pam Hoffman