Tuesday, February 9, 2010

0 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Bow-Tique {Review}

Celebrate the Grand Opening of Minnie's Bow-Tique when you buy the new DVD! It comes packed with 4 fun episodes.

1.Minnie's Bow-Tique
2.Minnie's Picnic
3.Minnie's Bee Story(3 Fun ways to Watch and Play)
4.Minnie's Pajama Party (Never-Before Seen!)

This DVD is by far one of my Daughter's favorites. She loves watching Minnie's Bow-Tique where there are so many different and unique bows! Daisy's Mood Bow changes colors, and Donald's Bow is a camera! So get the DVD and hep watch as Minnie has the greatest Grand Opening of her Bow-Tique!

Here are a few clips for you!

Minnie’s Bow-tique

Minnie’s Pajama Party

Minnie’s Picnic

I received a copy of Minnie's Bow-Tique thanks to Click Communications. I was in no way compensated for my review of this movie. The opinions in the above post are my own.