Tuesday, May 3, 2011

0 Chuggington : Chuggers To The Rescue {review}

Honk your horns!  Chuggington is back in the station with an all-new DVD, Chuggington: Chuggers To The Rescue released April 5!
A worldwide television hit and an exciting destination for preschoolers, “Chuggington” follows the humorous adventures of ‘traintastic’ pals, Wilson, Brewster and Koko as they ‘ride the rails’ of life on their way to becoming productive chuggers.  Featuring a dynamic fleet of relatable and diverse characters, each engaging episode is filled with positive life lessons that encourage and promote early social skills.  The colorful and contemporary CGI-animated TV series airs daily on Playhouse Disney, Disney Channel’s learning-focused programming block. 

In “Chuggers To The Rescue,” everyone’s favorite trainee trio is set to save the day in six horn-tooting episodes that deliver action and laughter, while teaching viewers gentle lessons about emergency preparedness and responsibility. 

Through their exciting adventures and daring escapades, complete with jetpacks and storm machines, Wilson, Brewster and Koko help one another out of jams, learn emergency rescue skills and take on new responsibilities, while they – and young trainees at home – learn about patience, accountability, following instructions and how to get the job done!  The action-packed DVD features appearances from special “Chuggington” friends, Calley, Dunbar, Zephie and Mtambo. 
Young “trainees” nationwide will honk their horns when “Chuggington” makes its way into the station with their second DVD.

Choo Choo!!!  Another Ghuggington DVD to add to the collection.  This one is a must-have for the little trainees!  Always a great teacher, this Chugginton DVD doesn't disappoint.  There's a lot of great life-lessons in this one.  You can purchase it now!