Saturday, April 11, 2009

1 My First Giveaway Win Arrived!!

Louise owns this great little shop called Sweet Lollipop Shop, as well as Ducky Soaps Store. I signed up for a giveaway from her shops and I won!!! I was so excited to win something, as I never do. So.....I am here to share with you, a few shots of my winnings!

So here it is! A very cute ducky soap in the scent of Cupcake! Yum! A little baby handsoap, and the scent is a mystery. I have not opened it yet so I am unaware of what that scent is! Finally.....I got a few of her Lollipops, which I haven't tried yet! I am putting these things in my Daughter's Easter basket, and am positive she will love it all! Thank you Louise for your generous giveaway!


SexyMama of MyBreastsMyBusiness! blog said...

Lucky you! Well anyway, congrats on your coming attraction...another little angel..